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Samples from Kung-Fu and Asian movies

De Wu tang clan is toch wel één van de meest succesvolle rapacts van het einde van de jaren negentig te noemen. Niet alleen als groep maar ook solo leverde de heren diverse top cd’s af. Maar dat is niet de reden waarom kungfufilms.nl aandacht aan deze muziekact besteed. Als je iemand ambassadeurs van old skool kung fu films mag noemen dan zijn zij het wel. Tussen, én door hun nummers heen werd namelijk regelmatig gebruik gemaakt van samples uit diverse kung fu films. Ook wordt er in de nummers niet onder stoelen of banken gestoken dat ze graag naar dit genre films kijken. Op deze manier hebben ze de kung fu film onder de aandacht van een veel groter publiek weten te brengen en daar mogen we ze dankbaar voor zijn. Maar uit welke films komen deze samples nu precies? Hieronder vind je een lijst met de samples die op de albums terug te vinden zijn. 






1.  “Shaolin shadow boxing and the Wu-Tang sword style.  If what you say is true the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous.  Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?”- Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang


2.  “Unguard, I’ll let you try my Wu-Tang style.”- Ten Tigers From Kwangtung


3.  Fight sounds: “Shame on a Nigga”, “Wu-Tang:7th Chamber”- Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang


4.  “The sword. Come on give him the sword.”- Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang


5.  Talking in background during intro to “Wu-Tang 7th Chamber”- Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang


6.  “Wu-Tang Style.”- Holy Robe of Shaolin


7.   “The game of chess is like a sword fight.  You must think first, before you move.”- Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang


8.  “Toad style is immensely strong and immune to nearly any weapon. When it’s properly used its almost invincible.”- 5 Deadly Venoms


9.  “Tiger style.”- Executioners from Shaolin


10.  “It’s our secret.  Never teach the Wu-Tang!”- Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang





1.  “I have given it much thought.  It seems disaster must come at best only postponed.  Shaolin Kung-Fu to survive must now be taught to more young men.  We must expand get more pupils so that the knowledge will spread.”- Shaolin Temple a.k.a. Death Chambers


2.  “I despise your killing and raping your despicable. Are you my judge?  It’s just you should be punished.  I’m gonna chop off your arm.  So you ready?”- The Master a.k.a. 3 Evil Masters


3.  “Number 2Chow San Poi”- The Master a.k.a. 3 Evil Masters


4.  “He’s a womanizer, but he’s an expert at throwing knifes.”- The Master a.k.a. 3 Evil Masters


5.  “Number 1. He’s an adulator.”- The Master a.k.a. 3 Evil Masters


6.  “You people are all trying to achieve the impossible.  That’s exactly what we’ve done.  But, you’ll fail and you’ll all die.  If we die the next generation will fight them too and the one after them for as long as they must and eventually we shall succeed.”- 4 Assassins a.k.a. Marco Polo


7.  Background music during intro to disc 2- Duel to the Death


8.  “One is invulnerable.  In fact, it involves strenuous breath control and of all techniques it’s the most difficult.  The human body has 108 pressure points 36 of these can be fatal the remainder paralyzing- Invincible Armour


9.  “How dare you rebel the Wu-Tang Clan against me.  For that your gonna die.  I may not be the one to stop you.  But some body will very soon.  Also, the Wu-Tang Clan will rise again.  There are many of us all working for the good of the Wu-Tang.  Die.”- Unbeaten 28


10.  Fight sounds “Duck Season” and “Hellz Wind Staff”- Unbeaten 28


11.  “May you rot in hell.  Chun tin yu oooh”- Unbeaten 28





1.  “I must tell you that the clan is a danger to the public, but still for many man just to heat of the name feels them with hate and loathing.  But why they never harmed anyone.  I’m afraid they did.  During the past.  There is something I want you to do.  First, I’ll tell you about there styles and clan techniques the main style is¼- 5 Deadly Venoms


2.  “Shaolin Finger Jab”- Wu-Tang Vs. Ninja


3.  “We are watching the whole group around the clock.  All we need is your orders to move.  You kill everyone young and old as a lesson to all the others.  I expect it.”- Iron Monkey (1977)


4.  “Careful”- Iron Monkey (1977)


5. “The Sword.  It’s the best weapon of all.  Two sharp edges and a long spine.  The blade is very thin and it’s easily damaged you’ll remember that.  The vital thing is the point.  Pay special attention to it, your life could depend on it.”- The Master a.k.a. 3 Evil Masters


6.  “During this time I intend to teach you Shaolin pole.  The rules and commandments: avoid deceit, cruelty, and unkindness.  Always help the weak.  Never despise the poor.  Always respect your self.”- Kung-Fu Instructor


IRON FLAG               


1.  “The story your about to see occurred along the main trading route on the border between the North and South at a small outpost called Red Clay Village.- Writing Kung-Fu


2.  “Since you’re all so skilled lets fight your way Shaolin style.  Come on.”- Unknown film


3.  “I not begging for my own life, just let my child be born, then I don’t mind dying.  Ha, that’s great kill her and his child.  Ta Chi, go ahead.”- Avenging Eagle


4.  “You will be punished for all your evil deeds.  You will suffer justice is here.”- Unknown film


5.  “Wu-Tang style”- Holy Robe of Shaolin


6.  “It’s true the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous.  Hmmm  Shaolin Shadow Boxing Wu-Tang”- Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang


7.  "Make a toast to Mr. Te and the Iron Flag brothers.  Master who will be our new Iron Flag Chief?- Flag of Iron a.k.a. Spearman of Death


8.  “Your faith in Shaolin is courageous.  You blind fool we have our teachings to share our joy with the people and there too suffer for them as well.  You have learned your style well.  Wu-Tang Style”- Unknown film.  Possibly Holy Robe of Shaolin




1.  Intro music and fighting sounds - The 36th Chamber of Shaolin a.k.a. Master Killer


2.  “You’ve been lucky.  I wish I got you last time.  Unguard I’ll let you try my Wu-Tang style.  I’d like to try your Wu-Tang style.  Let’s begin then.”- Ten Tigers from Kwangtung


3.  Fight sounds on intro to “Meth Vs. Chef”- Ten Tigers from Kwangtung


4.  “Skills worthy of a General.   He should want to fight.  Fight with me.  One to one man to man.”- The 36th Chamber of Shaolin a.k.a. Master Killer


5.  Fight sounds on intro to “I Get My Thing in Action” The 36th Chamber of Shaolin a.k.a. Master Killer


6.  “Good Wu-Tang martial expert.  There’s not many who can match up with him.”- Ten Tigers from Kwangtung


7.  “It’s our secret.  Never teach the Wu-Tang!”-Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang





1.  “We have only 35 Chambers.  There is no 36.  I know that but; I want to create a Chamber.  Oh and what would that be?” - The 36th Chamber of Shaolin a.k.a. Master Killer


2.  “Dragon Fist Horse fist Freeze bastard, I didn’t know who you were.”- Two on the Road a.k.a. Fearless Dragons


3.  “Now number two practiced the Snake styleHe was known as the snake’s spirit.  He had the speed of a snake.  Snake style is known for its”- 5 Deadly Venoms





1.  Music during “Striving for perfection” The Killer


2.  “He looks determined without being ruthless.  Something heroic in his manner.  There’s courage about him.  Doesn’t look like a killer.  Comes across so strong.  Acts like he has a dream.  Full of passion.  You don’t trust me huh.  Well you know why.  I do.  Were not supposed to trust anyone in our profession anyways.”- The Killer


3.  “You sang beautifully just now.  I sang for him and he isn’t here.”- The Killer


4.  “Huh.  Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin.  The special technique of Shadow boxing.”- Shaolin Vs. Lama


5.  “Weren’t you just using the Wu-Tang school method against me?  I’ve learned so many styles, forgive me.”-Shaolin Vs. Lama


6.  “And in our line of work we need all the help we can get.  Tony Wing’s the name.  He works for a drug ring in Central America.  Who wants to kill him?  No information say yes or no.  1.5 million.  All right do what you want moneys no object.  They’re all clean.  No serial numbers.  Untraceable.  And there explosive head bullets, you’re favorite.  I felt someone walk over my grave.  You want to change your mind?-The Killer




1.  “When I was little my father was famous.  He was the greatest Samurai in the Empire and he was the Shogun’s decapitator.  He cut of the heads of 131 Lords.  It was a bad time for the Empire.  The Shogun just stayed inside his castle and he never came out.  People said his brain was infected by devils.  My father would come home he would forget about the killings.  He wasn’t scared of the Shogun, but the Shogun was of him.  Maybe that was the problem.  Then one night.  The Shogun sent his Ninja spies to our house.  They were supposed to kill my father but they didn’t¼That was the night everything changed.”-Shogun Assassin


2.  “Mo mad one we see your trap.  You can never escape your fate.  Submit with honor to a duel with my son.  I agree.”- Shogun Assassin


3.  "I see you using an old style.  I wondered where you learned it from.  You know very well it's yours too.  Ha,  I've forgotten.  Will you show me?  What have you come for?  You come here since you’re so interested in me."- Dragon on Fire


4.  “You fight good.  You should challenge Te.  He uses the same technique.”- Dragon on Fire


5.  “He must be dreaming.  Well if he is dreaming then he must be asleep, and if he is asleep then I will wake him up. At the height of their fame and glory they turned on one another each struggling in vain for ultimate supremacy.  In the passion and death of their struggle the very art that had raised them to such Olympian heights was lost.  The techniques vanished- Dragon on Fire


6.  “I had a bad dream.  Don’t be afraid bad dreams are only dreams.  Part a time you chose to be born, Daigoro.”- Shogun Assassin


7.  “Chose the sword and you will join me.  Choose the ball and you will join your mother, in death.  You don’t understand my words, but you must choose.   So, come boy choose life or death.”-Shogun Assassin


8.  “Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin.  The special technique of Shadow boxing”-Shaolin Vs. Lama


9.  “Your technique is magnificent.  When cut across the neck a sound like whaling winter winds is heard they say.  I’d always hoped to cut someone like that some day.  To hear that sound.  But, to have it happen to my own neck is ridiculous.”-Shogun Assassin




1.  “Help please.  Help please.”-Crying Freeman Anime


2.  “Let’s see you try the Water technique.  The sky is high.  The cloud is low.  But, my Water technique is hard and quick.  But, the Earth can absorb water.”-Mystery Of Chess Boxing.


3.  “These are the men who lead the crime families of AmericaI control 26,000 men.  Except for dope, we operate in all aspects of organized crime.  And if there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s that drugs destroy your mind and destroy your home.  In the end it will only lead our country into ruin.”-Crying Freeman Anime




1.  “The technique depends mainly on arm and finger strength.  Once you’ve that then the next step is to learn how to pierce stone.  Well, you might as well start practicing now.  You know mantis legend?  How it was it all started?  It was fighting off this blackbird.  Although it was only a 1/10th of the bird’s size, it was a very valiant insect.  And that’s why the technique needs a brave man and a strong one who isn’t afraid of arts.”-Invincible Shaolin


2.  “Mantis style isn’t easy to learn.  The mantis is small, but powerful.  With its arms is can lift up many times its own weight.-Invincible Shaolin




1. “Get up, and use your real skills”- Unknown Film.  Possibly Executioners from Shaolin or Fist of the White Lotus.




2. “Now then the Chi Sa have four chiefs.  Number one is Golden Arm”- Kid with the Golden Arm


3.  “We’re the best.  I assure you.  That’s not what I’ve heard.  There’s a lot of Shaolin Men around here.  They’re not important.  Are you trying to deceive me?  Oh no sir.  No sir.  Those damn Shaolin students.   They’re just a bunch of rebels.  Time and again in the past, the court has given orders to wipe them out.”-Shaolin Martial Arts


4. “He’s a Shaolin Man and a good teacher.”-Shaolin Martial Arts


5.  “Who is this man?  The God of war.”-Shaolin Martial Arts


6.  “Golden Arm is as good as his reputation says.  With his bear hands he stood all of us off.  And if he had weapons Golden Arm never uses weapons.  Says he doesn’t need em.  He says using his bear arms is the best and he’s probably right.  Nobody’s beaten him yet.  Just using his arms he beat us all then.  We had no chance.  He had us cold.”-Kid with the Golden Arm




1.  “Where we go depends on breath control.  So it’s the first thing you must learn.  Fortunately it’s easy.  You’ll soon learn.”- Avenging Warriors of Shaolin




2.  “Teacher.  I’ve taught you for three years instructing you in my Poison Clan techniques.  We live here in seclusion so we can talk about the clan.  The point is I had pupils once.  Is that a fact?  What are there names?  Where are they?  I don’t know their names now.  When they left they all took new names, as the whole idea was to keep their identities a close secret.  So even they don’t know each other’s names.  And while they were here they always wore masks to avoid being known.  I worry about what there all doing.  What I taught them could be used wrongly for evil to hurt men.  So then I would like to make sure this hasn’t been the case and you will do that for me.  Teacher, how will I find them if they’ve changed their names?  And to make it harder they won’t show their skills they’ll keep them hidden unless it is an emergency.  If bad you must kill them.”- 5 Deadly Venoms


3.  “After this drink we now become sworn enemies.”-Shaolin Temple Strikes Back


4.  “The Buddha Fist and the Lohan Fist trace from the same basic technique and we competing against each other there is little to choose between them.  But, the followers of the Lohan style want it more powerful themselves and used their new master’s help to eliminate all other contenders.  The Buddhist style followers resisted.  There was much conflict in the fighting world.-Buddha Assassinator


The Pillage


1.  “Well now, you always seemed so brave before what happened to you, eh?  You lousy bastards, you smashed our homes and you killed 28 of our family.  Eh huh, huh, huh ha, ha, ha!!!”-Masked Avengers


2.  “Uh huh, huh.  What about that girl?  Let’s have a bit of fun then eh, right.  Hold it.  What, you want a piece of this too?  We’re professionals.  We’ve killed a lot of people as a means of getting money.  But this time we’ve killed for a small dowry almost nothing.  We killed this young fellow almost for fun.  He was hardly a man even.  Just a young kid and now then you want to rape a girl?  We do what we want here killing or raping, right!”- Masked Avengers


3.  “Where are you going aren’t you scared we’ll get you?  Look for me all you want you’re not going to find me though.”- Masked Avengers


4.  “A killer should not be know he must be discreet, understand?”-Iron Flag


5.  “The other killers have already shown up, now it will be your turn to die too.  We are ready any time”-Iron Flag


6.  “Huh ha, ha, ha, ha.  Don’t you know the underworld?  There’s no friendship party here, no meetings.  You can come but you can’t leave.  Move, let no one live”-Iron Flag





1.  “What’s your style and what is your clan?  The soldier uses military style.  So there may be a war?”- Unknown Film Possibly Killarmy


2.  “Keep calm and don’t expose any weak points.  We’ll all line up.  Fight together.  I saw we must all stay together as a single unit.  We advance as one.  Remember, the only way to win is to stay together.”- Unknown Film


3.  “I want to join you I’ll show you what I’ve learned.  Please be frank with me in your judgement.”- Unknown Film


4.  “We must find talented people with ideas to form a team.  That’ll be the key stones.  We must also set up a brand new army.”- Unknown Film





1.  “We must not quarrel we’re in danger.  It’s everywhere.  Wow.  Scared me.  I managed to escape from your blade but I don’t know how though.  When this mission’s finished we’ll continue where we left off.  Huh, huh, huh.  When this missions finished maybe we’ll all be dead.”-Kid with the Golden Arm


2.  “The Lin brothers are skilled with darts can fight the third.”-Chinese Super Ninjas


3.  “We two brothers always fight together who cares to fight with us?”- Chinese Super Ninjas


4.  “I know that all the pier workers take their morning tea in here without fail.  We’ll both disguise ourselves and wait for Chen Dou Chun.  You’ll handle the Lin brothers.” -Kid with the Golden Arm


5.  “Promise me you will keep the Shaolin spirit.  Won’t except the Ching.  We’ll keep Shaolin spirit won’t except the Ching.”-Invincible Shaolin


6.  “His task.  To bring down his colleagues.  Two men the top Kung-Fu men.”-Shaolin Martial Arts


7.  “The truth is I do know what happenedDuring the past.  Do tell.  Your Father was a good Wu-Tang martial expert there’s not many who can match up with him.”-Ten Tigers From Kwangtung


8.  “The Eagle Claw be careful.”-Shaolin Martial Arts





1.  “Good Wu-Tang martial expert.”-Ten Tigers From Kwangtung


2.  “Even heroes have to die.”-Unknown Film possibly Kid With the Golden Arm





1.  “Hmm, Before you get a chance to fight with me you must observe our rules and beat these two swordsman first!”-Executioners from Shaolin


2.  “You better leave here.  In fact, I’ll give you three clear days.  And then if I see you again you admit defeat.”-Kid with the Golden Arm


3.  “Your reputation in Kung-Fu is well known.  You need not bring them.  Are you afraid your going to loose?  Is that why you have the Wong masters on stand-bye?”-Ten Tigers from Kwangtung   


4.  Some music cues are from: Masked Avengers, Kid with the Golden Arm, and Chinese Super Ninjas


5.  “What is it?”-Masked Avengers





1.  "I came from a wealthy family.  I joined the clan because I wanted to learn a special Kung-Fu. Be a real expert, but in actual fact I've just become a killer.  Killing.  That's all I know.  Death!  Everyday another."- 5 Deadly Venoms.  -La the Darkman


2. “9th Prince you want to kill us all?  Tell me where to find the Princes I’ll see you’re promoted.  Thank you 9th Prince.  Huh ha huh.  One must be adaptable.”- Shaolin Prince a.k.a. Death Mask of the Ninja –9th Prince


3.  You’ve taught the young prince well.  He uses his sword like a man.  It’s time for action.”- Shaolin Prince a.k.a. Death Mask of the Ninja –9th Prince


4.  Our family was always loyal but traitors have betrayed our trust.  We have been deliberately lured into battle to destroy the Yang. ARRGHH!!! Brother!”- 8 Diagram Pole Fighter –9Th Prince and RZA


5.  “7 have left, 6 returned.” - 8 Diagram Pole Fighter –9Th Prince and RZA


6.  “Your most welcome.  Say your prayers.” - 8 Diagram Pole Fighter –9Th Prince and RZA


7.  “Forgive me its hard to believe - 8 Diagram Pole Fighter –9Th Prince and RZA


8.  “The fifth son left alive” - 8 Diagram Pole Fighter –9Th Prince and RZA


9.  “5th brother, 6th brother” -8 Diagram Pole Fighter –9Th Prince and RZA


10.  “The Tiger and Crane techniques.  The Tigers fast, tough, fierce, hard.  A sick one.  Your swordplay, Inspector, has much improved.”- Challenge of the Masters- Inspectah Deck.   


Met dank aan Mat Redman voor het uitzoekwerk.

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