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Of je nu op zoek bent naar old skool, jaren tachtig, moderne Hongkong films of enige ander vorm van Aziatische cinema of cult www.hkflix.com is de site waar je moet zijn. Met deze reden is www.kungfufilms.nl ook trots om hun als partner te hebben.



Filmtitels Kung Fu Films
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Attack of the joyful goddess
A heroes tears
Abbot white
All men are brothers
Along comes the tiger
Ambitious kung fu girl
Amsterdam connection
Angry river, the
Arhats of fury
Avenging eagle



Bastard swordsman
Bells of death
Big boss of Shanghai
Black lizard, the
Blade of doom
Boxer from Shantung
Boxer from the temple
Boxer rebellion
Brave archer
Brave archer 2
Brave archer 3
Brave archer and his mate
Bravest fist
Broken oath
Bruce Lee and I
Bruce Lee true story
Buddhas palm & dragon fist
Buddhist fists and tiger claws
Butterfly murders


Casino, the
Cat vs rat
Challenge of the masters
Challenger, the
Champ vs champ
Cheeky chap
Chinatown Kid
Chinese boxer
Chinese Hercules
Choi Lee Fut kung fu
Clan feuds
Clan of Amazons
Clan of the white lotus
Clans of intrigue
Clutch of power
Come drink with me
Convict killer
Crane fighter
Crazy guy with super kung fu
Crazy Shaolin disciples
Crippled avengers



Daggers 8
Dance of death
Dance of the drunk mantis
Deadly breaking sword
Deadly duo
Death duel
Deadly secret, A
Deadly silver spear
Delightful forrest
Demon strike
Descendants of Wing Chun

Devil's mirror
Dirty Ho
Disciple of Shaolin master
Disciples of the 36th chamber
Double, double crosser
Dragon, the hero
Dragon, the odds, the
Dragon Lee vs the five brothers
Dragon lives again
Dragon lord
Dragon on fire
Dragon on Shaolin tower
Dragon swamp
Dragon's claws
Drunken arts, crippled fist
Drunken dragon
Drunken master
Drunken master slippery snake
Drunken master strikes back
Duel, the
Duel of the century
Duel of the 7 tigers
Duel of the ultimate weapons
Dynamite trio, the



Eagle fist
Eight strikes of the wildcat
Eight diagram polo fighter
Eighteen bronzemen
Eighteen jade claws of Shaolin
Eighteen Shaolin riders
Elemination pursuit
Emperor and his brother, the
Encounters of the spooky kind
Enter the dragon
Everlasting chivalry
Evil destroyer
Executioners from shaolin



Face behind the mask
Fake ghost catchers
Fate of Lee Khan
Fearless dragons
Fighting ace
Fighting fist of Shangai Joe
Fighting fool
Five Shaolin masters
Five superfighters
Five venoms
Fists, kicks & evils
Fist of fury
Flag of iron
Fist of the golden monkey
The flying dagger
Flying guillotine
Flying guillotine 2
Fourteen amazons
Funny kung fu



Gambling for head
Game of death 2 
Gang master
General stone
Gold connection, the
Golden swallow



Hard bastard
Heads for sale
Hero of the time
Heroes of the east
Heroes two
Holy flame of the martial world
Horse boxing killer
House of traps
Human lanterns



Imposter, the
Incredible Shaolin thunderkick
Invincible armour
Invincible eight, the
Invincible Shaolin
Iron bodyguard, the
Iron bodyguard: Fist of legends 2
Iron monkey strikes Back
Iron Neck Li
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan


Kid from Kwangtung
Kid with a tattoo
Killer clans
Killer constable
King boxer
King eagle
Knockabout (1978)
Kung fu genius
Kung fu in the brave shadow
Kung fu instructor
Kung fu master
Kung fu means fist, strikes & swords
Kung fu vs Yoga



Lady hermit
Last fist of fury
Last hurrah for chivalry
Leg fighters
Legend of the fox
Legend of the seven golden      vampires
Legendary weapons of China
Lion v/s lion
Long road to gallantry
Loot, the
Lost swordship, the
Love and sword



Mad monkey kung fu
Mafia vs ninja
Magic blade, the
Magnificent, the
Magnificent bodyguards
Magnificent butcher
Magnificent kick
Magnificent ruffians
Magnificent trio
Magnificent wanderers
Man of iron
Mantis fists & tiger claws of   Shaolin
Martial club
Marco Polo
Mar's villa, the
Martial club
Masked avengers
Massive, the
Master, the
Master & the kid, the
Master of kung fu, the
Master strikes, the
Master strikes back, the
Method man
Mighty four
Monkey kung fu
Monkey kung fu (Shaw)
My blade, my life
My rebellious son
My young auntie



Na Cha the great
Naval commandos
New one armed swordsmen 
New Shaolin boxers   
New tales of the flying fox  
Ninja in ancient China
Ninja in the dragons den
Ninja: the final duel
Ninja: the final duel 2
Ninjas and dragons



Oath of death
Odd couple, the
Ode to gallantry
Of cooks and kung fu
One armed swordsman, the
One armed swordsman against nine killers



Passage of the dragon
Pirate, the
Prodigal boxer
Prodigal son
Proud youth, the
Pursuit of vengeance



Queen boxer



Raiders of buddhist kung fu
Raining in the mountain
Raw courage
Rebel of Shaolin
Rendezvous with death
Rescue, the
Return of the bastard swordsman
Return of the sentimental swordsman
Return to the 36th chamber
Rebel intruders
Rebellious reign
Rivals of kung fu
Rivals of the silver fox
Roving swordsman



Savage five
Secret rivals
Secret rivals 2
Secret rivals 3
Secret service of the imperial court
Sentimental swordsman
Seven commandments of kung fu
Seven grand masters
Seven man army
Seven steps of kung fu
Shadow boxer, the
Shadow boxing, The
Shadow whip
Shaolin avengers
Shaolin drunk monkey
Shaolin drunkard
Shaolin ex monk
Shaolin hand lock
Shaolin iron claws
Shaolin intruders
Shaolin invincible guys
Shaolin invincible sticks
Shaolin kingboxer
Shaolin kung fu master
Shaolin mantis
Shaolin martial arts
Shaolin plot
Shaolin prince
Shaolin rescuers
Shaolin temple (Shaw)
Shaolin temple 3
Shaolin temple 4
Shaolin temple against Lama
Shaolin vs Lama
Shaolin vs Tai Chi
Shaolin & Wu tang
Shaolin youth posse
Shaolin zen master
Showdown at the cotton mill
Silent swordsman
Sleeping fist
Snake and crane secret
Snake deadly act
Snake fist of a Buddhist dragon
Snake in the eagles shadow
Snake in the eagles shadow 2
Snuff bottle connection
Souls of the sword
South Shaolin & north Shaolin
South Shaolin master
Spiritual boxer
Story of drunken master
Stranger and the gunfighter
Super dragon
Sword, the
Sword stained with royal blood
Swordsman & enchantress
Swordmates, the



Tai chi shadow boxing
Ten tigers of Kwan Tung
Ten tigers of Shaolin
That fiery girl
Thirtysixth chamber of Shaolin
Thirtysix deadly styles
Thunderblade and lightning foot
Thundering sword

Tiger killer
Tiger over wall
Tigress of Shaolin
To kill with intrigue

Tooth for a tooth, A
Touch of Zen, A
Twelve deadly coins
Two champions of death
Two wondrous tigers


Vengeful beauty



Wandering swordsman
Warrior of kung fu
Warriors of the water margin
Warriors two
Water margin, the
Ways of kung fu, the
We're going to eat you
Wits of the brats
Woman Avenger
Writing kung fu


Yao's young warriors
Young avenger, the
Young Master


Zombie rivals